A glimpse of happenings around crypto space and the multi-cryptocurrency wallet development!

In this corona crypto series, today, let’s learn some of the happening around the crypto space! If you have missed our previous blog, do check out this! Sure, this would amuse you as giant brands have dived in!

Crypto space has evolved rapidly from its inception. At initial stages, the cryptocurrencies did not gain hopes of investors; later, due to the immense price hikes of bitcoin in 2017, it attracted the entire world. As of now, not only the investors of assets, industrial experts also grab knowledge about cryptocurrencies and the underlying blockchain technology for its enhanced benefits. Giant brands have built an expert team of blockchain developers to proceed with the process of multi-cryptocurrency wallet development for their merchandise!

In this blog, let’s have a glimpse of the projects that are being experimented by giant payment service providers!

Happenings around crypto space to build multi-cryptocurrency wallets!

Banking and payment processing industries have developed their interests in building crypto wallets over time due to the increased popularity of multiple cryptocurrencies. People have started their crypto transactions and trading with numerous other crypto coins than BTC in recent times. Many merchants, giant brands like Microsoft, Amazon, Overstock, have started accepting crypto payments for their products and services. In return, the payment service providers have started building customized gateways from white-label cryptocurrency wallets.

Popular brands like MasterCard, Bank of America, Rakuten have started building their choice of blockchain-based crypto wallets, hybrid wallets supporting fiat, and crypto payments. Some of the merchants are undergoing testimonials by integrating exchange wallets in their transaction pages. 

A pioneer of the mobile world, Samsung is performing its pilot projects to launch the in-built blockchain wallet in its blockchain-based smartphone establishment. In the Samsung Galaxy S10 mobile launch, the embedded mobile app, “Blockchain Keystore,” supports transactions of crypto coins. 

MasterCard has started recruiting the eminent blockchain developers of the market to build the customized crypto wallets for its services. Probably, MasterCard has planned to launch its services with the stable-crypto coin payment transaction to withstand the competitive market. Rakuten renders its users with spot exchange of certain popular crypto coins like BTC, ETH, BTC Cash in its native Rakuten wallet. 

Final halt!

Sure, you had caught up some trends and pilot projects of the payment service providers on the crypto space. Let’s continue to learn more about the advanced features of a multi-cryptocurrency wallet on the upcoming days of this series!

Stay tuned and safe with us on this crypto space to protect the world!

Published by Katrin Kunze

blockchain and crypto trader

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