Stay home and destroy the chain of seamless corona pandemic crisis with seamless crypto transactions!

In this crypto corona series, let’s learn a social distancing technique with contactless payments to protect you from this seamless virus. If you have missed our resources on multi-cryptocurrency wallet development, do check out!

Coronavirus outbreak has affected all our lives economically, physically, and mentally. The corona pandemic, which has burst out to the world from Wuhan, China in late 2019, is showing its impact across the globe. The easiest way to vanish this corona spread is to maintain social distancing! To sustain social distancing, many federations have imposed lockdown regulations. In addition to lockdown, the government prompts people to exchange goods with digital payments to avoid contact with the environment. If you’re a merchant, you can embed the cryptocurrency payment gateway solutions into your transaction process to accept multiple crypto coins in this shutdown time!

Let’s have a peep through contactless payment systems and cryptocurrencies!

Why are contactless payments the solution to break the COVID-19 chain?

When seamless viruses attack us, we must be extra careful about things that we touch or get in contact with. The World Health Organization(WHO) recommends people for contactless payments in shops, banks, and other transactions as the physical currency notes are capable of possessing the SARS-COV-2 virus. Some of the banks have started sterilizing the physical currency notes with ironing and other techniques. Bank of Korea has started quarantining currency notes for 14 days after receiving it from the public, as it’s believed the coronavirus dies in nine days. 

Bank of England, China, and other early exposures of the corona pandemic recommend other countries to avoid transactions with currency notes as they can be the carrier of the virus. People must switch over to POS and digital transactions to purchase essentials. You can utilize the crypto coins to purchase essential goods now! 

Let’s explore why cryptocurrencies are the best to stay away from COVID-19!

Why are Crypto coins the best choice to stay away from the corona pandemic?

Just the bullet shots for you!

  • Crypto coins are virtual currencies and can transfer assets across the borders with negotiable processing time. 
  • The cryptocurrencies allow instant transfers to fiat currency if required. 
  • The owners of crypto coins can trace back the provenance of assets for legitimacy.
  • Distinct crypto coins are available in the market, and it allows crypto investors to perform trading transactions with price volatility. 

Stay tuned with us to know more about crypto space, but stay away from the COVID-19 pandemic. Start investing your assets in crypto coins and earn with genius trading strategies in this lockdown period!

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