A brief note on key features of cryptocurrency wallet- You’ve the bonus of security aspects too!

In the corona crypto series, we’re continuously exploring the crypto and blockchain space. You can check out our previous blog if missed. Now, let’s pounce into today’s topic!

The world had just ruined the fiat currencies when it was introduced. When the barter system was in existence, humanity had no belief in paper currency. Similarly, when cryptocurrencies were invented way back in 2009, people ruined a lack of governance. As of now, the world celebrates cryptocurrencies for rapid processing, devoid of governance, community reconciliation, transparency, and security. 

We are in the era of digital payments. No one denies this is a digital world! Soon, we will be in the era of crypto transactions too! For making crypto coin transactions, you require a wallet. Many cryptocurrency wallet development services build customized apps for their clients. You can request customized wallets with these advanced features!

Key Features of Cryptocurrency Wallet

Multi-currency Support

Crypto investors must prefer blockchain-based wallets that support the storage and operations of popular crypto coins. The crypto market is sleepless and volatile. You may trade cryptocurrencies based on the price hikes for lucrative deals. Hence, most of the crypto traders prefer multi cryptocurrency wallets. You can integrate storage and functionalities of preferred altcoins in customized wallets from the service providers. 


You must pick the cryptocurrency wallet that is compatible with popular operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows, and other desktops. If you have your favorite OS other than the list specified, you must build the application in that specification. For instance, most of the cryptocurrency wallets are compatible with iOS, Android, but not with Blackberry. Your choice can be Blackberry too!

NFC Transaction

Near Field Communication(NFC) technology grabs the nearby wallet addresses of the sender or receiver to perform operations. You can opt for this feature to securely transfer the crypto coins to your peers. 

Intuitive UI

User-interface is the undeniable part of crypto wallets. Crypto space is swift and volatile. Hence, your crypto transactions must also be swifter to grab the deals. You must opt for the gliding, intuitive UI for your crypto wallet that is devoid of complex functionality. 

Denial of Duplicate transactions

Crypto wallets are now featured with denial of duplicate transactions. If the wallet receives duplicate crypto payments within a specified period, it can be denied in an automated manner. This feature helps devoid chargebacks or repayments. 

You’ve learned a lot on cryptocurrency wallets! Sure, I will afford you the extra bonus of security features too!

Security features

Instant Public key generation

Bitcoin Wallet Development Companies have evolved with the new security feature of public key generation for every transaction. Just like our bank transaction, one-time passcodes that are valid for several minutes, you can generate public keys of the crypto wallet. This feature of the cryptocurrency wallet prevents hackers from guessing your public key!

Fingerprint or Facial Recognition

The cryptocurrency wallets are accessible with your fingerprint and facial recognition techniques. A unique identity that can never be stolen! You can add-on the multi-factor authentication feature with distinct options in the cryptocurrency wallets!


Hope, you’re spending your day enthusiastically by learning some of the crypto series. Make a comment on your thoughts, which would help us learn your insights!

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