Cryptocurrency Trading Bot for Exchange platforms


Cryptocurrency, the most used word by people all over the world over the past few months. Cryptocurrency mania is happening everywhere and one-third of the world’s population is aware of the Cryptocurrency market including the terms Bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and more. A user can exchange money depending either on RSI/OBV strategies or just intuition in cryptocurrency trading platforms. To make the aforementioned process hassle-free, trading bots provide better solutions.


Imagine spending a whole day sitting in front of your computer and going through the stats of the crypto market, the flowcharts, etc., and even after doing so, you could not trade your currency in the exact slot. Moreover, one has to spend hours or even days to analyze the results. A difficult thing, isn’t it? Trading bots play an important part in building cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Liquidity is the vital factor considered while developing a crypto exchange.


The crypto exchange service providers have two Application Program Interfaces – public and private APIs; each has different levels of access. In the first one, data about the crypto market is listed out in terms of volume of trades, current exchange rate, and changes in the rate over a certain period. The private API is unique. The users can access their wallets directly and create orders to trade currencies.


The statement mentioned above forms the principle for developing the Cryptocurrencies trading bots. They have full access to the crypto exchange’s account and on the basis of preset rules and trading strategies, they make transactions happen. Therefore, the one who owns the bot can automate the process of trading currencies in practically unlimited quantities. The trading bot’s connection is set in a two-way manner and it makes use of a programming language, say .NET or PHP, to create its own end users.


Even a 5-minute delay in the currency exchange process can be very devastating, resulting in a huge loss. Timely purchase and sale of a currency is the basis of trading and it is the ultimate aim of automated trading bots. The trading bots work on the preset values and so there is no chance of missing a trade.


Blockchain Firm is one of the leading firms in providing Ready made cryptocurrency trading bots to clients, making their trading process quicker and simpler. We designed a bot to be user-friendly, affordable, highly secure, and easy to access. When you realize that you cannot spend days or weeks descending into the digital world of currencies, our automated trading bot is the best option. The clients can use the bot for personal needs as well as the trading process.

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