A crisp knowledge about the top 3 cryptocurrency payment gateway

A cryptocurrency payment gateway is a channel that allows traders to accept cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. This payment gateway simply allows users to buy or sell goods and services across the globe with crypto payments.

Merchants can terminate the barriers that are associated with traditional payment methods such as high fees, identification procedures, and delays. 

This payment gateway helps merchants to perform transactions with cryptocurrencies and also supports the exchange of crypto coins into fiat currencies. 

Here are some of the best cryptocurrency payment gateway solution providers who can help to lift up your business.


  • Coinbase is one of the most popular crypto payment gateways for business transactions. The main feature is that they immediately convert crypto coins into fiat and avoid price volatility.
  • Coinbase exchange platform renders you to perform a fast transaction, and the transaction fees are minimal.
  • This payment gateway offers a variety of options for both offline and online businesses to start accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

B2Bin Pay 

  • B2Bin pay enables global transactions between various parties who want to send, receive, store, exchange, and accept cryptocurrency as a payment.
  • This payment gateway possesses a high degree of automation, and the transaction speed takes place in about 20seconds. This helps users to make transactions quick when compared to other payment gateways.
  • As it is a global crypto payment solution, it supports 800 crypto coins and tokens and provides you with 24/ 7 customer care in 6 different languages.


  • Coinsbank is a blockchain payment gateway that is synchronized with your debit card with just your fingerprint. 
  • Coinsbank is an open-source application that can support different platforms like Android and iOS.
  • It provides users with instant deposit and withdrawal methods along with high security by activating duo authentication. 

Final verdict

The fame of crypto coins is increasing day by day. Many countries have started to deploy this payment method as mainstream and also approving it as a legal mode of payment. Choose the best cryptocurrency payment gateway provider for your business, which can help you outrank your competitors!

Published by Katrin Kunze

blockchain and crypto trader

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