Do e-commerce platforms need crypto payment gateway integration for next-gen business? – A pierce through!

The e-commerce industry is an extensive sector that is connected across the globe. Manufacturers from distinct parts of the world supply products to consumers spread across other localities. Intermediaries involving in e-commerce payment gateway earn huge transaction fees for every transaction and operation performed. Crypto payment gateway benefits are huge that e-commerce owners can ruthlessly cut-off intermediary charges and transaction fees.

Giant e-commerce brands like Amazon, Walmart, and much more have integrated crypto payment gateways to their process. Let me provide the brief advantages of accepting crypto payments in the e-commerce industry! 

Devoid of cross-border restrictions

Fiat currency value differs in every federation, and hence consumers can suffer hindrances in payment methods. Also, manufacturers and e-commerce platform owners find it hectic to transfer currencies to the native value. Hence, accepting crypto payments for products in the e-commerce industry can be a hassle-free task for the entire community wheel. 

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P2P Transactions

Intermediaries and central authorities earn millions of transaction charges every day in fiat payment gateways. Crypto transactions are devoid of intermediaries, and the peers can transfer crypto-assets across any part of the world without any third-parties. Crypto payment acceptance in the e-commerce sector can immensely reduce intercharges paid to the central authorities. 

Devoid of governance

Crypto transactions are logged in the blockchain ledger. Miner nodes verify and approve legitimate crypto transactions. Payee, receiver wallet address is verified, and the source of crypto coin is tracked back for the approval process. Hence, no single person or authority takes ownership of the crypto payments, thereby avoiding scammers. 

Secure Transactions

In fiat transactions, the withdrawal process is tedious for e-commerce industries involving wholesome money. The crypto transactions can be performed only by accessing the wallets. The wallet prompts for secured private keys to authorize and process the crypto coins. Hence, the crypto owners and merchants can securely withdraw their assets whenever required.

Rapid Process

Fiat transfers take 5-15 business days for overseas transactions, whereas the crypto coins are transferred within minutes. The crypto space is devoid of intermediaries, and transactions are approved by a group of miner nodes across the network. Hence, the crypto payments are rapid and take negotiable processing time even for cross-border transactions. 

Final Verdict

With the aforementioned Advantages of crypto payment gateways, e-commerce industries can upgrade their profit rates to a greater extent. Sure, every small and medium scale e-commerce industry would integrate crypto payment gateways in the near future!

Published by Katrin Kunze

blockchain and crypto trader

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