A brief write up on Blockchain Wallet Development

A cryptocurrency wallet is a mix of both bank and your leather wallet, the only thing is it does not involve physical currencies. 

It is essential to develop a crypto wallet to own or trade cryptocurrencies. This Blockchain wallet development Services contains private and public keys. 

When you earn currency to use them or to unlock the stock, you need a private key for security. The public key is nothing but your wallet address. The private key is basically a digital code that is assigned to the wallet address. 

Now let us discuss the types of blockchain wallets available in the market.

Different types of blockchain wallet

Several types of crypto wallets provide different ways to store and access your crypto coins. 

Online wallets

An online wallet is also known as a web wallet that allows users to access the crypto coins via the Internet. 

As long as it is connected to the Internet, users can store, access, and make payments. These wallets are considered as the least secure types of cryptocurrency wallets.

These wallets are very convenient because you just need a device connected to the Internet, and you can start your crypto payment.

Mobile wallets

Mobile wallets are available just by installing an application on your cell phone. These wallets are much safer than the online wallet. 

Mobile wallets are easily available and also used in a physical store. These wallets offer additional features like QR code scanning. 

Desktop wallet

Mobile wallets are available just by downloading your desktop wallet and installing it on your personal computer. They also serve as a cold storage wallet.

Desktop wallets are especially safe if your computer is not connected to the Internet and essentially becomes cold storage. In these wallets, the private keys are not stored on the third-party server.

Hardware wallet

Hardware wallets are considered as one of the safest cryptocurrency wallets among all. These wallets store all the private keys in a hardware device like a USB drive. 

These wallets are great for storing large amounts of cryptocurrencies that you don’t want to use on a daily basis. Hardware wallets are also one of the cold storage wallets.

Paper wallet

To use a paper wallet, you will need to print out your private and public keys. These wallets are cold storage wallets, and hence they are hackerproof. 

Users can share funds by transferring the money to wallets public addresses, and you can withdraw or send currency by entering your private key. 

These wallets are not stored on a computer or mobile. The private keys of the wallet are not stored in the third-party server. 

Benefits of blockchain wallet development

Lets See the benefits of blockchain wallet development in this session

  • Easy to use. It is just like any other software that you use for your day to day transaction
  • Highly secured
  • It allows instant transaction across the globe, and these are borderless transaction without intermediates
  • Low transaction fees. The cost of the transaction fee is much lower than the traditional banks
  • It allows transactions across multiple cryptocurrencies and also helps you to do easy currency conversion. 


It is now clear that blockchain wallets are an integral part of using cryptocurrencies. They are one of the basic infrastructure needs that makes it possible to send and receive funds through blockchain networks. All the wallet has its own pros and cons, so it is essential to understand how they worked before starting to move funds. 

For more information please visit: https://blog.blockchainfirm.io/blockchain-bitcoin-wallet-development

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