The exponential growth of cryptocurrency wallet users

A data survey recently published says that the number of cryptocurrency wallet users has been steadily increasing over the past decade, regardless of the market’s ups and downs.

The research shows that the blockchain wallet users worldwide have jumped from less than 6.7 million to 34.6 million over the last few years. Further, there is a constant increase with every quarter in a year seeing more cryptocurrency wallets than the previous one. 

The crypto wallet is the gateway into crypto space where one can buy their first Bitcoin or altcoins and then continue to explore everything else that the crypto market has to offer. 

Like the internet built around the browser, crypto is built around a wallet. 

The cryptocurrency wallet holds the cryptographic secret keys used to sign the transaction. Using secret keys, users are allowed to make a transaction and see the current assets that are stored in the wallet.

Generally, the concept behind the crypto wallet is all of this public key or asymmetric cryptography. The public key can be known to all, and the private key is kept secret. 

The integrity of the public key and the private key is the attribute that must be preserved for this to work. 

Now let us know deeply how the cryptocurrency wallet has an impact on enterprises. 

  • Basically, enterprises work differently than individuals when handling money. Every enterprise handles its own digital assets and also functions as custodians of their customer assets. 
  • Here the employee is the agent responsible for specific functions to initiate the transfer. If there is an active transfer, multiple people from both the executing and oversight sectors have to sign off. Allowing people in multiple roles to sign a transaction involves some neat cryptographic tricks. 
  • Now, institutions can transfer huge amounts from one wallet to another in two ways. One way is to claim multiple signatures on a single transaction. This feature is called multi-signature. Here the smart contracts verify the signature. Another is the use of private keys divided into pieces and controlled by multiple participants in the organization. Once the signature is assembled and submitted then the transaction is initiated; this uses a form of multi-party computation (MPC).
  • The main aim is to ensure that multiple participants from different departments sign the transaction. This increases the efficiency of transferring huge amounts between enterprises.


As stated earlier, the crypto wallet is the gateway to enter into the crypto space. Every individual and entrepreneur should have a crypto wallet to store and receive tokens and cryptocurrencies. If you are interested in integrating a crypto wallet into your exchange, then approach a cryptocurrency wallet development company that offers top-notch security and other features. 

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