Exploding your head in search of 2021’s best multi-cryptocurrency wallet? Pick your fruit now!

Mystified about the concepts of cryptocurrency and its wallets? Of course, many of the geeks would have confused you about the cryptocurrency wallets and its bugs. But I’m sure that none of these dines chats would have vanished your doubts and chaos about the cryptocurrency wallet. Multi Cryptocurrency wallets have now become out-of-date! Start your chit-chats about the trending multi-cryptocurrency wallets!

Let’s understand the end-to-end jargon of cryptocurrency wallet, its variations and the features to opt for while picking the cryptocurrency wallet!

multi cryptocurrency wallet development

What is a cryptocurrency wallet?

In spite of people’s greatest quest “Is CryptoCurrency Safe?”, the crypto coins growth trends have reached its pinnacle of success in recent years. Cryptocurrencies are invisible, volatile digital assets that are stored in an invisible mobile, web, desktop, hardware, paper wallets. 

Yes, there are various types of cryptocurrency wallets. They are majorly categorized as software, hardware, paper wallets. Software cryptocurrency wallets are classified into the desktop, online and mobile wallets. The desktop wallet for the cryptocurrency is the secure platform to clip your crypto coins. Hardware crypto wallets store the private keys in USB, disks and other offline devices. Paper wallets are secure and the QR codes to transfer crypto-assets for the owner are available only on the piece of paper. 

Now let’s access the cryptocurrency wallet!

What are the cryptocurrency keys?

Cryptocurrency keys are nothing but your access keys used to authorize the wallets. Crypto wallets possess private and public keys. Private keys are just like our mobile banking app passcodes, whereas public keys of the crypto wallet are like the email or house address that is shared with others for communication purposes. Private and p

ublic keys are intertwined. 

Some of the advanced cryptocurrency wallets secure the access keys with passphrase called seeds comprising of a long list of unrelated words. These kinds of secured wallet apps are addressed as a hierarchical deterministic wallet app or HD wallet app!

Now let’s get into the distinct types of cryptocurrency wallets!

Grades of Cryptocurrency Wallets

Cryptocurrency wallets are of different forms and features. Every cryptocurrency wallet has its own advantages and vulnerabilities. In order to pick the best cryptocurrency wallet of your choice, of course, you may require distinct physical types such as paper and software, hardware and other combos.

Here are the types of cryptocurrency wallets!

Hot Wallet

Hot wallets are more convenient and easy to use cryptocurrency wallets that are created and stored on the devices that have accessibility over the web. Many crypto enthusiasts consider hot wallets unsafe to store their crypto assets due to the invasion of hackers. Despite counterfeiters, hot wallets are evergreen choice many crypto investors for its ease of use.

Cold Wallet

Cold Wallets are hardware wallets that store access keys in devices like USB, smart card devices and much more. In simple terms, cold wallets are created in devices that have no internet accessibility round the clock. Many cold wallets require an intermediary software form of cryptocurrency mobile wallet app to trade their crypto coins. 

Hosted Wallet

Hosted wallets are similar to the websites that are hosted or maintained by third-party server space. They are unsafe wallets and most of the crypto investors blase on this type of wallet. Hackers seek a great traction towards the hosted crypto wallet servers as they may gain a lump of crypto assets.

Decentralized Wallet

A decentralized wallet overcomes the security threats and vulnerabilities in the hosted wallet. The owners of a decentralized wallet are enabled with the freedom of trading and storing cryptocurrencies. However, decentralized wallets are transparent across the network and don’t offer anonymity. 

If you’re in the idea of switching over or customizing your own cryptocurrency wallet, then opt for these features to the developer’s community or pick the best cryptocurrency wallet with these features!

Features to seek in a cryptocurrency wallet app

Are you surrounded by the quests like “Can you have a multi-cryptocurrency wallet or a single cryptocurrency wallet?”, “Which is the best wallet for cryptocurrency storage?”,  and much more? Then, search for the below features in the wallet you’re trying to choose to pick the right choice!


Enhanced features of duo-authentication or multi-factor authentication to access your crypto wallet may secure your crypto coins to the maximum extent. Duo-authentication is similar to our OTP, push messages or calls regarding the bank transactions.  Even if the hacker tries to break down your passphrase, passcode of crypto wallet, he must ensure the second level of authorization to completely invade to your wallet.

Multi-cryptocurrency wallet

Cryptocurrency wallets are upgraded to the multi-cryptocurrency wallet and are serving a lot of crypto enthusiasts. Instead of making a choice of picking the best cryptocurrency wallet, step ahead for a multi-cryptocurrency mobile wallet app.

Multi-signature approval

If the crypto wallet is in common use within the business partners, then to avoid fraudsters within the partners in an unauthorized manner, multi-signature approval plays the trump key. The security or approval level of a particular transaction requires multiple signatures from the authorized community people to grant access to the cryptocurrency wallet.

Spare Keys 

Spare keys are similar to our vehicle backup keys that can be used in case of emergency or recovery cases. If the private key of your wallet is out of mind for yourself, you must have a sudden backup resource to recover the cryptocurrency wallet. As the cryptocurrency wallets are the only place where you can look after and store your crypto coins, you can never recover the private keys through email, messages or any other recovery options. 

Mobile Wallet

Even though mobile cryptocurrency wallets are experiencing vulnerableness huge crowd is attracted by the intuitive usage of mobile wallets. If the mobile is leftover or exposed to threats, then your cryptocurrency wallet can never be recovered even for god’s grace!

Many crypto investors store a small number of crypto coins in their mobile wallets for ease of trading whereas the remaining crypto assets are stored in cold wallets!

Exchanges wallets

Many people out there who are in the base of crypto investments prefer an exchange hosted wallets. They are in great chaos with popular exchanges and most of them query as “ Is coinbase wallet safe?”.  Coin base wallet is one of the popular exchange wallets at which many users rely on for trading and storage of crypto assets.

Coinbase supports the most popular cryptocurrencies trading and storage, hence crypto investors peep at this wallet at initial stages.

Final Thoughts

By now, you would have decided which wallet is the best multi-currency crypto wallet and how it must be designed for the current market needs. Pick the multi cryptocurrency wallet development company that can serve you the best services with expertise knowledge!

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