What Makes A Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet Better?

A crypto wallet is a digital storage system to store, transfer, and receive cryptocurrencies. A multi-cryptocurrency wallet is one with which you can manage any number of cryptos. In general, the crypto wallets are categorized into Software (Web & Mobile Apps), Hardware (Physical Devices), and Paper Wallets based on the design and purpose.

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Essential Features Of A Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet

Two-Factor Authentication

Hacking and stealing cryptos from wallets is not uncommon. If a wallet is left unprotected, it becomes easy for the attackers to intrude and cause chaos. Furthermore, it is nearly impossible to retrieve the stolen cryptos. 

So, users need to protect their wallets against potential threats and attacks.

But how?

By enabling Two-Factor Authentication (commonly called 2FA or G2FA).

The 2FA adds a powerful layer of security to the wallet. When a user attempts to access the wallet, they need to enter the 6-digit authentication code generated in the Authenticator app. This code is unique and changes every 30 seconds or 1 minute.

With this ultimate power, the wallet becomes nearly impossible to hack. 

It is recommended that the users keep the 2FA feature enabled all the time. If possible, users can also turn on Multi-factor Authentication (Biometric & Email).

Auto Session Logout

If a user logs in and forgets to log out, the security risks increase, and it opens the door for attackers to perform malicious actions.

So keeping a wallet logged in for a longer time is not advised.

And here, “Automatic Session Logout” comes to the assist.

Users can enable the session logout time after a certain period of inactivity, say 10 minutes. So when there is no activity, they will be automatically logged out. Users can change the logout time according to their preferences.

Push Notifications

Push notifications from a wallet let users stay updated with the latest prices, updates from your wallet provider, and market trends.

Users can also customize the push notifications and set alerts according to their preferences.

Coin Swapping

Users don’t need to move their funds to exchange. A reliable wallet offers a Coin Swap option where users can swap between cryptocurrencies of their choice.


When you opt for a crypto wallet, make sure it has all the aforementioned features. At Blockchain Firm, we provide multi-cryptocurrency wallet development services to build a feature-packed crypto wallet.

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