Develop a Crypto Wallet By these Basic Steps

A cryptocurrency wallet is a virtual wallet that is used to send, receive, and store all digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum Litecoins, Ripple, Zcash, etc.

Multi-cryptocurrency wallet is considered as an integral part of cryptocurrencies. It gives the user a total and absolute control over their digital assets. 

It is a vital tool for all crypto users. Now let us discuss how to create a cryptocurrency wallet. 

Seven basic steps to create a cryptocurrency wallet.

Researching and planning

First and foremost, before developing a cryptocurrency wallet, you will need to analyze and research the project like the development period and the tools required for developing a wallet. 

Evaluate the project and discuss it along with the team members and plan according to that to develop a finished product. At the end of researching and planning, you will discover the project’s scope and development budgets. 

Business analytics

The main aim of the final product is to gain more interaction with a regular user with your interface. So it is essential to add the basic operations in your user interface. 

If you want to customize your wallet, then you can add your own list of requirements, and in such a case, you will be responsible for the quality of analytics. 

Application design

If you want to develop the application from the scratch then approach a development team that can help you to create the UI /UX base and wireframes. If not, the customer can use the readymade user interface design that is available in the market.

In this phase, you can achieve the final product look. It is essential to gain feedback from specialists and marketers who will share the customer response on the design options with you. 


Once the design and technical tasks are made, the programmers will start writing the code. The application logic is linked with the survey part and blockchain of cryptocurrencies. 

Some of the open-source libraries are used to speed up and reduce the cost of development. There are some readymade software solutions in the market, such as Bitcoinj blockchain, coinbase, etc.


Once the code is generated and developed all the functionalities of the wallet, it moves to the testing phase. Experts test the application with all the possible scenarios to make sure there are no errors and bugs. 

Launch your crypto wallet

After completing the testing process and improvements, the tester, designer, marketer, developer, and the customer should agree to release the project. 

The developers will add it to GeekHub, Google Play, and other app stores. 

24×7 technical support

The development of the cryptocurrency wallet does not end with the release of the project. The success of the project totally relies on technical support after the development because if a customer or user found a bug, the technical team needs to resolve the errors. 

The development team continues to work on the project to provide maintenance or add new development stages. 

Final thoughts

The emergence of cryptocurrency has disrupted the existing world of finance and opened many new opportunities for all people who believe in this technology. If you find it difficult to develop your own crypto wallet, then approach the cryptocurrency wallet development company to develop your customized crypto wallet that will suit all your personal and business needs. 

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